Oak® International


Oak® International, Inc.
Founded April 2, 1973 in Sturgis, Michigan.

Since the early years, our focus has been straightforward – customize our formulas to meet out customers’ needs for Lubricants, Corrosion Inhibitors, and Cleaning Fluids. From the initial development, products for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, our product offerings and process expertise have expanded into the other metalforming and metalworking industries.

Oak products include the most advanced technologies in Fin Stamping, Cleaning Fluids, Stamping and Drawing Lubricants, Machining and Grinding Fluids, Corrosion Preventives, and Specialty Products. Our process expertise makes us a leader as we integrate science, technology, and teamwork to help our customers become more efficient in the manufacturing processes.

Today, OAK® INTERNATIONAL is a global leader in metalforming and metalworking fluid technologies. Oak produces, warehouses, and sells products at Sturgis, Michigan and Corby, UK. In addition, Oak products are licensed and available at various strategic locations around the world. OAK® INTERNATIONAL is affiliated with PRODUCTOTM Chemicals and is a CIMCOOL® Company.

Oak International has earned its reputation as a leader in the lubricants industry by concentrating on customers. We provide unique products and services that are custom designed to meet your needs. With international service capabilities, Oak International provides advanced technologies.

  • Aluminum & Copper Fin Stamping
  • Fineblanking – Lubricants Metalforming Lubricants
  • Tube Forming, Bending, & Expanding
  • Vanishing/Evaporative Fluids
  • Machining and Grinding Fluids
  • Aqueous Cleaners
  • Corrosion Preventives
  • Specialty Products
Research and Development
Creative innovation is Oak International.It begins in our research and development laboratory where we carefully develop products to fit the specific requirements of our customers. Our chemists and engineers work closely with you to identify your product and process needs.We monitor environmental and regulatory discussions worldwide and seek out technologies to prepare for the future. With a passion to provide superior technical service and with years of experience in the industry, our scientists formulate unique products to help keep our customers leaders in their respective industries. The OAK® INTERNATIONAL laboratory is not only to facilitate product development, but also to support our customers with performance tests that provide additional value during their use of our products. We have an outstanding record of first-time success with new products used in our customer’s plants.

Quality Policy
Quality is the number one priority in all areas of our business. It is the responsibility of every employee to achieve this goal by recognizing that quality means total conformance to specifications and procedures that will result in satisfied customers. In addition, all selection of suppliers and distributors are based on their long-term commitment to seeking out and developing productivity and quality improvements.