CIMCLEAN® products can meet the tough requirements of the metalworking industry. These specially designed fluids are easy to use, versatile and applicable in washers, spray, dip tank, ultrasonic or water based applications.

CIMCLEAN® GREEN GPC are high performance multi-purpose cleaner for floors, janitorial and mop applications. Will remove oils, grease, grime, soot and shop dirt from floors steps and walkways.

CIMCLEAN® GP-SW84 are excellent multi-purpose spray and wipe cleaner for walls, machines, floors and other hard surfaces. Removes tough oils, and dirt deposits. It is ideal for wipe-down applications.

CIMCLEAN® 30, CIMCLEAN® 40, and CIMCLEAN® 50, are recommended for cleaning an individual machine and central system reservoirs, metalworking fluid lines, premix tanks, machines and parts and as an additive to improve a fluids sump life.

CIMCLEAN® FC35, CIMCLEAN® FC42, CIMCLEAN® FC44, CIMCLEAN® FC46, and CIMCLEAN® FC79 are recommended for general purpose cleaning of shop floors and multi-purpose areas.

CIMCLEAN® HA406, CIMCLEAN® HA484, CIMCLEAN® HA490, and CIMCLEAN® HA492 are alkaline cleaning compounds designed specifically for use in cleaning machine coolants, drawing compounds and oils for aluminum, steel, brass, or galvanized surfaces in high pressure spray washers.

CIMCLEAN® MA303, CIMCLEAN® MA322, CIMCLEAN® MA338, CIMCLEAN® MA339, CIMCLEAN® MA352, CIMCLEAN® MA359, and CIMCLEAN® MA360 are liquid cleaning compounds with corrosion inhibitor designed for use in high-pressure production spray washers. It is intended primarily for use in the removal of coolants, machining fluids, and honing oils from machined surfaces.