About Us

Introducing CIMCOOL® Fluid Technologies, LLC.


CIMCOOL® Mission

CIMCOOL® Industrial Products LLC, subsidiary of Milacron LLC, Designs, manufactures and services quality metalworking fluids. We are committed to providing products that demonstrate our commitment to being Environmentally Responsible and Quality Conscious.  We are dedicated to continually improving the effectiveness of our Management System by setting objectives with the ultimate goals of:

  • stakeholder satisfaction
  • minimizing our environmental impact
  • compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and other requirements to which our company subscribes

CIMCOOL® will allocate resources to set, create and review goals, objectives, and targets (where applicable) in the following areas.

  • Compliance to ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004
  • Developing and improving Customer, Supplier, and other stakeholder relationships
  • Minimizing our Environmental Impact through
    • - Prevention of Pollution
    • - Conservation of Natural Resources
    • - Compliance with Legal, Regulatory, Customer and other applicable Requirements