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From standard fluids to customized applications, we know how important it is for you to keep your operations running. CIMCOOL Fluid Technology-trained service personnel will help you to not only get the project started, but we work to optimize the production, chemistry and performance of our fluids.

It’s a fact that 90% of customers who try CIMCOOL FLUID TECHNOLOGY stay with CIMCOOL FLUID TECHNOLOGY.

With our Free Trial offer, you can rest assured that our engineers, technicians and support personnel will stand behind our product, and help you make the transition to CIMCOOL FLUIDS efficient and produce results. Use our contact form on the left to connect with a CIMCOOL FLUID TECHNOLOGY representative who can explain the process. There are no strings attached. We will supply the CIMCOOL Fluid needed to test our product at no charge.

We understand that temporary replacement of your current fluid requires work, but remember the 90% figure above. We will support you every step of the way. We are confident you’ll see positive results that will improve your process and reduce costs, increase tool life and improve cleanliness, among other benefits.

More information about the Cleanout Procedure can be found by reading the technical report.

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