From commercial aircraft to NASA space programs, CIMCOOL® fluids are specially formulated for high precision, difficult to machine alloys common in aircraft of all types. For decades, Aerospace partners from around the world have relied on CIMCOOL® to increase productivity on Aerospace grade parts and applications where there is no room for error.

CarMotor Vehicle

An innovation leader in the automotive sector since the 1960’s, CIMCOOL® prides itself on industry leading, premium automotive industry products, used around the world. CIMCOOL® produces the most advanced and innovative metalworking fluids and cleaners, built for stamping, cleaning and grinding applications in high capacity, high volume automotive plants.

Tube and Pipe

After a history of success in tube and pipe operations, CIMCOOL® FLUID TECHNOLOGY announces the release of CIMMILL™ fluids, all new fluids for tube and pipe processors. CIMMILL™ fluids are designed with the technical know-how to deliver more productive up-time and cleaner operations. Each CIMMILL™ fluid is designed without DCHA and is safe when used as directed.

Metals Machining

Designed and built from its industrial machining history, CIMCOOL® produces the most advanced and innovative metalworking fluids for the “toughest” grinding and machining applications.

Stamping & Drawing

The CIMCOOL® line of stamping and drawing metalforming fluids uphold CIMCOOL®’s high quality standard for metal forming operations. Key products include evaporative or “vanishing” lubricants, straight oils, soluble oils, and synthetics.  The wide range of products can drive productivity in light drawing or even the most severe and difficult of metal forming operations. Designed to maximize tool life while maintaining part quality, CIMCOOL® products can be easily removed with aqueous cleaners.

Specialty Alloys & Medical

Whether its titanium or specialty carbon fiber, CIMCOOL® fluids are designed to help manufacturers in the production of quality parts using specialty alloys. These superior products that you can trust are specially formulated for the technical challenges of these metalworking applications.
High precision, high quality medical machining products require elite CIMCOOL® fluids, designed with Medical suppliers to help manufacturers build quality parts and innovative medical technologies. CIMCOOL® fluids are designed for the technical challenges of the medical industry’s metalworking applications.