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CIMTECH® - Synthetics CIMTECH® synthetic products improve both machining and grinding applications without using mineral oil. Through pioneering research and development, as well as extensive testing, CIMTECH® products were designed to provide clean, low foaming, synthetic metalworking fluids. These qualities translate to significant advantages in machine performance and product quality.Click here MSDS Sheets & Specific Product Information.

CIMSTAR®, QUANTALUBE® - Semi-Synthetics CIMSTAR® provides industry leading products, with a broad range of machining and grinding fluids, recommended for general purpose and medium to heavy-duty operations. Ideal for ferrous and many non-ferrous metals, CIMSTAR® fluids commonly contain a low to moderate amount of mineral oil and are semi-transparent when mixed with water. CIMSTAR® is especially popular in applications that require long fluid life and cleanliness. Click here MSDS Sheets & Specific Product Information.

Soluble Oils CIMPERIAL® - Soluble Oils The CIMPERIAL® line of products is designed for heavy-duty machining and grinding on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. CIMPERIAL® soluble oils offer long fluid life, corrosion protection, high lubricity, low foaming characteristics and excellent rancidity control. CIMPERIAL® METALWORKING FLUIDS are always “machine friendly” and engineered to save money on storage, handling, mixing, charging, makeup and maintenance costs. Many CIMPERIAL® fluids contain extreme pressure additives providing for enhanced machining and grinding performance capacilities in the most difficult applications.Click here MSDS Sheets & Specific Product Information.

CimVantage CIMVANTAGE® - Economical Fluids Economical product line developed for light duty applications.Click here MSDS Sheets & Specific Product Information.

CIMFREE® - Botanicals CIMCOOL® is changing the way we look at fluids and the environment. New products are dedicated to the principles of environmental conservation. Botanical fluids are formulated with renewable resources that increase productivity and they leave a smaller footprint behind.Click here MSDS Sheets & Specific Product Information.

Cimpulse 51MP, Cimpulse 45MP and Cimpulse 33MP are new fluids in the Cimcool family. Cimpulse products are multifunctional and designed to allow metalworking shops to utilize one fluid in their entire shop. In most cases, a Cimpulse fluid can be used to consolidate all the different fluids being used within their plant. Click here MSDS Sheets & Specific Product Information.

Cimcool HFP Fluids CIMCOOL® HFP Fluids - with Fact provide superior foam control through the combination of product design, select raw materials and innovative antifoam technology. These fluids are the result of years of experience that have identified creative methods to prevent, control and reduce foam pressure delivery systems. This expertise is only available in CIMCOOL® - HFP Fluids.Click here MSDS Sheets & Specific Product Information.

CIMMILL® Tube and Pipe After a history of success in tube and pipe operations, CIMCOOL® FLUID TECHNOLOGY announces the release of CIMMILL™ fluids, all new fluids for tube and pipe processors. CIMMILL™ fluids are designed with the technical know-how to deliver more productive up-time and cleaner operations. Each CIMMILL™ fluid is designed without DCHA and is safe when used as directed.Click here MSDS Sheets & Specific Product Information.

Milform Mildraw Stamping & Drawing MILFORM®, MILDRAW® - Stamping & Drawing The MILFORM® and MILDRAW® lines of stamping and drawing fluids upholds CIMCOOL®’s high standard of quality for a variety of metal-forming applications. These superior lubricants include evaporative lubricants, straight oils, soluble oils and clean-operating synthetics. These products are developed to optimize tool life, part quality, cleanability andcost efficiency.Click here MSDS Sheets & Specific Product Information.

Cimclean CIMCLEAN®, PRODUCTOTM, SP - Cleaners CIMCLEAN® has a full-line of process cleaners, washers, corrosion inhibitors and specialty products for the metalworking industry. Applications include: Process & Production Cleaners, Floor Cleaners, Burnishing Compounds, Spray Wash Cleaners, Water-Based Corrosion Inhibitors.Click here MSDS Sheets & Specific Product Information.

Milpro MILPRO® - Straight Oils MILPRO® products, recommended for cutting and grinding operations, offer the highest quality combination of mineral oils and additives. MILPRO® Oils are formulated with unique lubrication package which promotes increased production and reduction in tool and grinding wheel usage.Click here MSDS Sheets & Specific Product Information.

Cimcool Z CIMCOOL® "Z" Fluids CIMCOOL® has gone above and beyond the scope of their customary advancements with the new "Z" fluids. CIMCOOL® has reformulated and improved several of their most established fluids in the CIMTECH® (Synthetics), CIMSTAR® (Semi-synthetics) and CIMPERIAL® (Soluble Oils) families to achieve CIMCOOL® "Z" Fluids. Click here MSDS Sheets & Specific Product Information.

Oak International Oak International has earned its reputation as a leader in the lubricants industry by concentrating on customers. We provide unique products and services that are custom designed to meet your needs. With international service capabilities, Oak International provides advanced technologies. Click here MSDS Sheets & Specific Product Information.

Oak Signature An industry leader, Oak International continually answers metalworking and metalforming markets needs by delivering innovative products that match your toughest requirements. Our proven Oak Signature brand of metalworking fluids cover most of your manufacturing applications. Click here MSDS Sheets & Specific Product Information.

Specialty Products Specialty ProductsAdditive / Microbiocides | Totes | CIMCHECK™ Test Strips | Proportioners | Refractometer | Lubricating Grease | Tapping Compound Liquid / Paste / HD Oil | Rust Preventatives Click on the specialty product above for MSDS Sheets & Specific Product Information.