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CIMCOOL® has gone above and beyond the scope of their customary advancements with the new "Z" fluids. CIMCOOL® has reformulated and improved several of their most established fluids in the CIMTECH® (Synthetics), CIMSTAR® (Semisynthetics) and CIMPERIAL® (Soluble Oils) families to achieve CIMCOOL® "Z" Fluids.

The Advanced Technology "Z" Fluids Will Provide:

- Enhanced Productivity - In Many Cases, Only Changing The Metalworking Fluid Has Provided Dramatic Productivity Increases
- Longer Fluid Life - Excellent Rancidity Control, Minimizes The Need For Additives, Reduces Concentrate Usage
- Excellent Cleanliness - Keeps Product Clean, Extended Sump Life, Superior Operator Acceptance
- Extended Tool Life - Improves Part Quality and Lowers Tool Usage and In Many Cases, Improved Tool Life up to 40%